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  • How can I contact Happy Paws Walks and Board?
    You can call us on 07786740905 or email us at You can also message us via our Facebook page here.
  • Using Happy Paws Walks and Board
    If you are interested in using our services just drop us and email or give us a call and we can arrange a free home visit to discuss your requirements. Home visits provide us with the opportunity to meet you and your pet and discuss their needs and usual routine. It also gives you the opportunity to meet us and ask any questions you may have and discuss the care you need for your pet. It is a simple and straight-forward process. After the visit we will leave you to contact us if you would like to proceed.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes. We are fully insured. We hold comprehensive public liability insurance with Cliverton insurers. We also hold fully comprehensive vehicle insurance.
  • Are you police checked?
    Yes. We are DBS checked.
  • How many dogs do you walk at one time?
    We walk a maximum of 4 dogs per person at any one time. This ensures that we are able to pay close attention to each and every dog on the walk. Your dog's safety and care is our top priority.
  • Where do you walk your dogs?
    This varies day-to-day in order to keep the dogs stimulated. The parks we use include Shrewsbury Park, Charlton Park, Oxleas Woods and Footscray Meadows on very hot days so that the dogs can enjoy the water if they wish.
  • Will my dog be walked off the lead?
    This depends on your dog and your preference. In our experience, most dogs prefer to be off lead and tend to stick with their 'pack'. If you would like your dog to be walked off-lead we will require you to sign an off-lead consent form for insurance purposes. We will not let your dog off the lead for the first walk, possibly two walks, until we are confident that they feel secure to us and will come back to us. The parks we use are all enclosed and away from busy roads. If you would like your dog to be kept on the lead that's fine too.
  • Transportation
    All road transportation is kept to a minimum as we prefer the dogs to be outside in the fresh air having fun, not stuck in traffic. Our transport is by van secured with dog crates to transport dogs to the park. For your dog's comfort we always keep fresh water and bowls in the van and we use cooling mats in the crates in the warmer months. Our insurance covers us to transport all animals in our care.
  • Do you accept all dogs?
    We accept all breeds and sizes of dogs. We accept dogs with a wide variety of temperments- sociable, energetic, shy, nervous, timid - but we are unable to accept aggressive dogs as we need to ensure that each dog in our care is safe and feels secure and happy. This applies to our doggy day care, boarding and walking services. We only accept fully housetraind dogs for doggy day care and overnight boarding. We can only accept dogs that have been fully vaccinated and all dogs need to be up-to-date with their flea and worm treatments.
  • What will my dog need for day care or boarding?
    Your dog will not need anything when attending day care unless you would like us to feed them during the day. In that case you will need to provide us with their usual food. For overnight boarders you will need to provide us with enough of your dog's regular food for the duration of their stay. We are happy to accommodate dogs who have special dietary requirements. We have regular boarders who are raw fed or have a prescribed diet. You will also need to provide us with any medication your dog usually takes. Although we have lots of dog beds here you are welcome to bring your dog's own bed if you feel they will be more comfortable in it. We do not keep crates here but you are welcome to provide us with one if this is what your dog is used to.
  • Will you keep me updated during my dog's stay?
    Of course! We update daily to our Facebook page so that owners can see what their dog is getting up to. We will post pictures of all pets using our services. If you don't have Facebook we are happy to send you regular updates via text message and can send you pictures and videos via Whatsapp. We know how hard it is to leave your pet when you are at work or go away on holiday and owners are always more than welcome to text or call at any time to see how their pet is doing.
  • Can I meet with you before the booking starts?
    Of course. In fact, we insist on it. Whether you are booking day care, boarding, walkies or home visits we will come to meet you and your pet so that we are not a stranger to your pet once they start using our services. The initial meet is free and gives you a chance to ask us any questions you may have and allows us to discuss your pet's needs and requirements. This is also the point at which we can collect keys from you if you wish to proceed with the booking. Our fully comprehensive insurance covers us to hold client's keys and covers us for any key loss (this has never happened as of yet).
  • How do you accept payment?
    We are able to accept cash or payment via bank transfer. For our dog walking and day care services payment is made at the start of the week. You can pay daily, weekly or monthly for your dog's care. Most of our regular clients prefer to pay weekly. For our boarding and home visit services we require a 50% deposit in order to secure your dates. Full payment needs to be made before the service starts. Bank details will be given at the time of booking.
  • Emergencies.
    To date, we have never had an emergency. But they can happen and it is important to be prepared. Our first point of communication in the event of an emergency would be to inform the owner and then transport the pet to the closest emergency vet. We always carry basic first aid equipment in the van for not so serious injuries.
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